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We believe CHANGE IS POSSIBLE and are passionate about seeing people unlocking their creativity and full body potential.

Freshmoves – both training principle & lifestyle choice. If we keep moving, taking risks, embrace change and truly live ‘fresh-moves’ on a regular basis, we will grow physically as well as personally. Challenge your body at the current status quo and your self-set physical limits. We believe, there are no limits. 

Don’t just live – feel alive! 

If we always do what we’ve always done, we will always be what we’ve always been.
We look at life as a big adventure and love to have fun. We are committed to excellence in all we do. We care for people as individuals and celebrate our uniqueness.



We are movement enthusiasts and love to find new ways to challenge and develop our physical potential. We believe our body is uncharted territory ready for us to discover. Working out was never meant to be boring and stale. That’s why we keep mixing up our training sessions and spice them up with new, challenging exercises, games and training equipment. We also love to think out of the box by incorporating the latest exercise trends and elements from different sports, which all together makes an exciting workout.
We celebrate our uniqueness and care for people as individuals. We value the personal expertise each trainer & artist brings to our team and together we strive to meet our clients needs as good as possible through a personalized approach.
Your body and personal history is unique. That’s why all our training sessions and services are custom-made in order to achieve the best results for you. We value your personal preferences and goals and don’t work with one-fits-all workout solutions.Custom-Design includes that we come to you! No matter whether it’s a Condo-Gym, public park, living room or car park – we adjust to your personal situation.
We are committed to excellence in all that we do and embrace continuous improvement, professional integrity, creativity & innovation. We value your time and therefore prioritize preparation, on-time services and reliability. All our services are high-quality in order to ensure safety & efficient results.


Maria Angelina Schaller

founder of freshmoves
Risk-taker, Innovater, Fitness Expert and Dance-Freak. Maria has been in the fitness/health/sports & education industry for the last 10 years and started freshmoves in 2010. Having a degree in exercise & health science as well as physical education, she's also been working as a p.e. teacher previously in Switzerland, where she's originally from. Always pushing to the next level, she truly lives freshmoves on a daily basis, which also gets outside recognition: in 2012 she's been representing Adidas as part of the Adidas laced up dance crew, won the national breakdance championship 'battle of the year' and been part of several Thai TV Shows & TV Ads. Maria speaks English, Thai, German & Swedish.

Personal Training

Reconnect with your body – feel alive & balanced. Reach your destination.

personal training bangkok
With all the changing fitness trends out there it can be hard to know what’s truly beneficial to where you’re at physically right now.
unique freshmoves body transformation concept is not another one fits all workout solution, but a personalized, high-class training.
Freshmoves personal training is all about you! Your goal. Your fitness level. Your preferred workout style & place. We value your unique personality and history. For this reason we initially start with a consultation, health screen and goal setting. Then you’re ready to go! Each session our passionate personal trainers will create a workout, that is customized to your personal needs & progress. Once you got the most essential basics & technique down, we can start mixing up our training sessions and spice them up with new, challenging exercises, games and training equipment.
Forget exercise how you know it and get yourself on what we see as an adventurous discovery journey of  your body’s incredible potential and experience how it will change your life.



Lose weight, Lose Fat, Build Muscle Mass, Firming, Toning, Posture Correction
Total Body Makeover
All areas of fitness > Including: Strength, Agility, Endurance, Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, Reaction, and more.
Fit & Healthy Mother
Prenatal & Postnatal fitness training
Youth Fitness Training
Customized fitness for your youths based on their age
Fit at Age 60+
Fitness and active aging for the aging and elderly.
Heart and Cardiovascular Health
Cardio training by walking, Nordic walking, and running


We give attention to your workout preferences and strive to make every session a perfect experience where you truly enjoy yourself!
Special attention is always given to technique and quality of each exercise which will assure you’ll train safe and effective.
Training may include free weight training, machines, TRX-training, body weight training, resistance bands, gym ball, body weight training, trampoline and more.

1 on 1 Personal Training
This traditional form of fitness training is a high-class workout form that’s perfectly adjusted to your personal conditions and needs. If you value high privacy where you get the trainer’s full attention then this workout solution is for you. Training together doubles the fun. Pairing up or joining a group creates a sense of support and accountability which will help you stick to the program and realize your dream. Experience the power of two with freshmoves partner training.
Partner Training
Training together doubles the fun. Pairing up or joining a group creates a sense of support and accountability which will help you stick to the program and realize your dream. Experience the power of two with freshmoves partner training. Training together doubles the fun. Pairing up or joining a group creates a sense of support and accountability which will help you stick to the program and realize your dream. Experience the power of two with freshmoves partner training.
Small Group Training
Training with your best mates will boost your motivation & make each session a blast! Get the personal training feel combined with a dash of boot camp energy and tons of personal attention without the 1 on 1 training cost. Much fun, great value & results for a budget-friendly fitness solution.





With each fitness package included:

health screening, goal setting, fitness testing & evaluation,

1 free training plan (designed for training by yourself)

We come to you! Save valuable time by us traveling to where you are.

You have no gym? No problem – just some open space is all that it takes. We arrange the rest.



Expect the unexpected!

Bootcamp X is a real kick-ass workout and maximum calorie burning session! It’s not like the average bootcamp, that’s why we call it Bootcamp X with ‘X standing for ‘the unexpected’, the spice in every 60-min or 90-min session. Bootcamp X combines a wide spectrum of elements, methods and moves from other areas, e.g. capoeira, tabata, kickboxing, ballet, HIIT-training, afro-dance, gymnastics and more. The list is endless. Altogether we mix it into a high-effective, all-round, full-body workout. Never knowing what to expect in each session and pushing yourself to the next limit together with your friends, is what makes it so incredibly fun and exciting!  Because of its high-intensity & total body focus you will soon get results and discover how your body starts changing.  All you needed is some wide space (indoor and outdoor possible) and a group of at least 3 people.

Are you ready for the challenge?

 Are you ready for the unexpected?

Dance Instruction

From school camps to exclusive private teaching – we do it all. We come to where you are!

We’re specialized in the following dance styles.





We don’t have any age limit because it’s never too late to start. We teach small kids, teens & adults.

Experience how dance just lifts your spirit to another level and enriches your day.

Besides that it’s a great workout too! Meet our passionate dance teachers and be inspired.


Make your next corporate event or party becomes a success & lasting memory with a special performance by our dance crew. We customize our showcase according to your needs & event purpose in order to highlight your event theme in a unique way.
Corporate Events / Seminars / Retreats /events Gala Dinners / Private Celebrations / Birthday Parties / Weddings / etc. 
Option: Teaching your guests some easy dance steps after our showcase. Ideal for kids parties.
Exhibitions & Trade Shows
Repeated show acts in order to keep drawing people’s attention to your booth.
Dance Flash Mobs
To promote your brand / company or in order to surprise a friend or beloved. 
Other areas of experience
Backup Dancing, Dancing for Music Videos, Musicals, Theatre, Movies (Extras), TV Commercials & TV Shows


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